Sometimes, I miss my friends.

I often miss my friends who live far away.

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Sure, I have some good friends up here, but sometimes, I just miss those people who live far away and I don’t get to see them very often.


I’m really bad at keeping in touch. I don’t call. I don’t email. Sometimes I put a little something on Facebook, but I should do a little more.


They’re all such fun people, these friends.


And I love them a lot.

3-17-2011 2-24-45 PM

And I guess I should just say so from time to time.


I suppose that’s what I’m doing now. So for all those friends who are far away…


Just know I’m thinking about you, up here in Boston.

Disclaimer: If you’re not in any of these pictures, please don’t be offended. I could only choose from those I happened to have saved on my work computer at the time.

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I love my munchkin.

Nothing to really say here. MAC is 14 months today (what?!). But basically, I just wanted to share this picture because I love it.

photo 44

My husband’s not too shabby either.

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Panem: Together as One

I’m digging the new Hunger Games (well, Mockingjay, Part I) video — a propaganda film on behalf of Panem featuring Snow and, in a very cold way, Peeta. Check it out.

What I’m not digging is this article by Forbes, which seems to analyze the viral efforts of the video and whether it will be successful. First of all, I can guarantee that it will be spread around because it’s associated with The Hunger Games, a hugely successful book and movie franchise. Asking whether this promo and these posters will go viral is like asking whether a picture of Taylor Lautner with his shirt off would be passed along when Twilight was still coming out with films. Sheesh.

Second, of course they would do a promo like this. It’s not something made to go viral as much as it’s a creative way to hook a huge plot point of the third movie (which, if I’m being honest, I have no idea how they’ll pull off without it becoming boring, since I doubt there will be much action in Part I of Mockingjay). In the book, everyone’s making propaganda videos (or “propos), so naturally that would be a great way to get people interested in the new film. I must say it again: Sheesh.

Anyway, I’m digging it. I think it’s great, especially if you don’t try to analyze it a la Forbes. And I can’t wait to start seeing more as we head toward November.

And if you haven’t already, check out the Capitol’s website. Nicely done.

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Food fights.


We are incredibly lucky to have the kid we do. He’s good natured. A little shy, but once he warms up, he’s a lot of fun. He’s very interested in blocks and books, and he’s generally a very curious, smart little boy.

And despite my every effort, he insists on growing up. He’s already over a year old, and that just blows my mind. Wasn’t I just recently writing about infant pants? Now I can hardly keep him still to get a T-shirt on, let alone onesies and pants.

With his zeal to grow up, he also seems to have acquired his own tastes. He wants to go where he wants to go; he wants to play with what he wants to play with; and he wants to eat what he wants to eat. For the most part, the food of choice is Cheerios, with a few helpings of fruit here and there. My kid has a sweet tooth, and he makes sure we know it. Now that we’re transitioning out of baby food and purees (which you could easily mix with some apple sauce to sweeten up for him), it’s more and more difficult to find what he’ll eat. And when he’s not deliberately picking food up off his tray and dropping it on the floor, he’s just screaming at us for something better.

I have to keep reminding myself: My child sleeps. This is a plus, because if I had to choose a fight to have with my kid — food or sleep — at least with food, I’m well-rested.

I suppose I’m being too harsh. The kid won’t eat a veggie to save his life. But we have gotten him into veggie burgers (which we’ve very attractively renamed “nonbeef burgers” — yum), zucchini bread, and English muffins with vegetable hummus (sometimes). And after a long battle with meat, he finally will have pasta and meatballs, barbeque meatballs, bacon, stewed beef, and fish sticks. I got him to eat a little chicken once. But just once. And I think he’ll deny it.

As a new mom with a picky kid, I guess that’s not too shabby. But since we are trying to eat together as a family, it certainly places some restrictions on my own diet. I don’t mind “nonbeef burgers” but I don’t want to eat them every night. And if I followed his red meat habit, methinks my health might just suffer (after all, I don’t have the body of a one-year-old anymore). In addition, I wouldn’t mind getting him to eat a little healthier. While he loves reading his book about veggies, he just won’t eat them.

So, handful of readers (if that) that follow my blog, any suggestions? Any recipes where you can sneak in some veggies that might help? I can’t have my kid live off zucchini bread — as much as his sweet tooth would appreciate it.

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One Year. Boston Strong.


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April 15, 2014 · 7:25 am

We live in a onesie world.


There are a lot of things you learn with new parenthood — what certain cries mean, how many things you need to label when you drop your kid off at daycare, how to change a diaper so it doesn’t leak, how to take an infant’s temperature (ew, by the way) — but there’s one thing I learned very early on.

My boy needs pants.

We live in a onesie world. Everyone just loves the onesie. And I do, too. I mean, man, this kid is adorable in his little onesies, and when you do end up failing on that diaper-leak situation, you’re glad you’ve got something snuggly on him to absorb some of the mess, so you’re not getting it all over his sleep ‘n play rocker, your couch, or, well, you. But a onesie doesn’t cover it all, and frankly, you need pants. And yet, this is something I seem to keep finding myself in short supply month after month.

It started with my friend had her baby a few weeks before I did. We met the new guy, and we asked, Was there something that you needed that you didn’t think about getting? Their answer: Newborn pants. That was the first thing they sent family out to get when they got home from the hospital, and even though it had only been about three weeks since he was born, they had already experienced their fair share of blowouts.

Now, if you’re like me, you’d think this is great advice, especially since I didn’t buy any newborn clothes since rumor (accurately) has it that babies grow out of newborn clothes in a heartbeat. My poor kid only wore his adorable baseball sleeper once — coming home from the hospital — before he could wear it no longer. But like my friend, we found the need for pants, so we sent my parents out to get some. Sure, we had a few pairs, but when those blowouts happen, you certainly don’t want to be putting that same pair on them.

Then, he grew out of them. So suddenly, we’re looking at our three-month clothes. Yet again, we have onesies (thankfully!) galore. And some pants. But not enough. So off we go, getting more pants.

My son is now transitioning into six-month sizes. Can you guess what we need? This time, I really thought I was prepared. We actually have a decent selection of bottoms — even a hand-me-down swimsuit! But some are shorts. And we live in the northeast. And it’s fall. Goshdarnit, we need pants again.

Who would have thought such a small item would cause such a hubbub? Perhaps it’s because many of the friends who had kids before me had girls (therefore, they have dresses) that I never realized the importance of such an item of clothing. Maybe those Gerber and commercials with kiddos crawling around in onesies alone misguided me. But especially now that we’re leaving clothes at daycare, we’re realizing how limited we are at home. Pants pants pants — we need more pants!

This is not a plea for pants, though I do love the alliteration. But if you are planning on having kids, I’d recommend buying pants. It sounds obvious but…obviously it’s not.

As a side note, we are venturing to a clothing exchange this weekend, where for $5 we can fill a bag of gently used clothes. I will fight you, fellow moms, for the pants. Fight you. (Just kidding.)


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Marathon Monday

Yesterday’s events were horrific, and to be fair, I’m not very good at expressing in words how I feel about it. Overall, I’m just feeling extremely lucky that Jack and I were sticking to the Watertown area yesterday (especially since Jack’s office is only three blocks away from the finish line) and that all my friends are safe and sound. Of course, I’m keeping all those who were affected in my thoughts and prayers, but anyway…

In light of yesterday’s events, I was looking back in my Facebook photos, back to 2007, when I worked right downtown (strangely enough, in the same building Jack works now), working in a nearly empty office on Marathon Monday. Jack and I took our lunch break to see the action, and I took some pictures. Only a handful, but it’s always nice at this time to remember what happiness an event like this is supposed to bring, and I thought I’d share them.


The runners, outside their buses, after they finished the marathon.


A few blocks away from the finish line.


Just before the finish line, runners and the big screen.

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